Beit al Aseelat

About the Site

As you walk into Bait Al Asselat building, your senses are awakened and your eyes overwhelmed with the rows of spices, pickles and olives, honey, olive oil and jams on the shelves.  You are transported into a traditional “Namliyah” the local name for kitchen pantry, a typical fixture in Jordanian homes, with all the food items that have been dried, preserved, canned, or pickled for the winter months.

If your taste buds are intrigued, these experiences will certainly satisfy those cravings. A staple of Jordanian cooking, Sumac Berry grows abundantly in the mountains of Jerash. Locally sourced, you will be able to touch, taste, and grind the berry while learning about its benefits. You may even take home a recipe or two.  Another Jordanian breakfast staple, Zaatar or Thyme, is also abundant in Jerash and a pungent herb that is dried and mixed with olive oil and other spices with many health benefits. Take a few minutes to learn how the plant is picked, dried and prepared into the Zaatar mixture.  Love Jam? Another experience is learning how to make the sweet topping from citrus fruits all grown on surrounding farms.

On site, Beit Al Aseelat also hosts bee hives where you can learn about the entire beekeeping & honey process.  You will don the beekeepers’ outfit, harvest honey from the bee hive, learn about the importance of bees and maybe even taste some local honey!

Beit Al Aseelat hosts a beautiful garden with local fruit trees and plants that supply their kitchen.  Guests can sit in the restaurant area overlooking the garden and mountain views of Jerash while they enjoy breakfast or lunch. Fancy cooking a local specialty? Here they specialize in “Idreh”, a rice and meat dish cooked in a clay pot. 

Beit Al Aseelat, means “original” and they are proud to offer a unique presence in Jerash. They pride themselves on all supplies being locally sourced.  They believe in supporting the local community and employ 15 young women who receive training and are able to provide for their families.  



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