Dibeen Guest House

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Dibeen Guest House sits at the top of a small hill. As you make your way up the stairs and into the outdoor terrace, you will be immediately taken by the home’s lush gardens and forest views. Um Mustafa will welcome you into her home and make you feel like one of the family.

To start your day before heading off to explore Jerash, a healthy and scrumptious breakfast awaits you.  Your “Iftar Baladi” or Traditional Country Breakfast, prepared by you will fill you up and give you the energy you need for the day.  Fresh eggs, Zaatar (Thyme), fresh local white cheese Maniesh (Jordanian style pizzas baked in a stone oven), home grown herbs and vegies along with aromatic tea will delight your taste buds.

After a day of sightseeing at the ruins, a hike at Dibeen Forest or if you are looking for a half day activity, a lunch experience at Um Mustafa will be a welcomed respite.  A delicious lunch of Maglouba, Mansaf or Stuffed Zucchini and Vine Leaves are just a few choices that await you or if you would prefer to assist the kitchen to prepare your meal, you are more than welcome to join.

Um Mustafa is able to offer up to 10 mattresses for guests (women only) to sleep over at the guest house for those who have a bit more time to spend in Jerash. Accommodations are simple yet the experience is rich:  Um Mustafa welcomes you into her family – you may join in helping to prepare meals, tend to the garden, take a quick hike or just spend the day lazily about.  Traditional embroidery, learning how to weave the “Hadab” (woven white thread of frills and tassels) on your very own Jordanian Shemagh Scarf, or making soap and other beauty items using local olive oil and the fresh aloe vera that grows in the garden are other activities that Um Mustafa will happily share with you. You feel relaxed and rejuvenated after spending time here at the guest house.



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