Jerash Ladies Charity Association

About the Site

With a focus on handicrafts, the local women of Jerash (from the Jerash Women’s Charity Association) lead this age-old activity and will share their expertise and personal stories associated with the art of traditional embroidery.  Guests visit the sewing room to learn about the different Jordanian stitch styles and methods with a focus on the local stitch of Jerash.  You will have the opportunity to hold a needle and practice the stitches on a swatch of material under the watch eye of an experienced needle pointer and even take it home with you to remind of your visit. 

If needlework is not your style, how about wearing traditional embroidered clothing and be taken back in time?  You can step into a typical Jerash wedding dress, wedding party and guest clothing and experience and feel as the bride or a member of the wedding party. You will also learn about the “Thobs”: what they mean, when they are worn and how.  (A “Thob” is a traditional garment worn by men and women, sometimes ornate and decorated with traditional embroidery).

Your experience can be ended with a delicious locally cooked meal featuring the freshest ingredients sourced from the area. We highly recommend that you choose one of the well-known dishes from the area such as Mansaf or Maklouba. These dishes are typically served at a wedding or celebration and will truly give you the experience as a local.  

Founded in 1971, this association is Jerash’s oldest that began as a nursery and kindergarten but slowly evolved into a popular and helpful community-based organization with the active participation of 20 local women.



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