Al Ma'wa for Nature and Wildlife

About the Site

Al Ma’wa Wildlife Reserve is located on 1,100 dunums and is a permanent home for injured and rescued wildlife who have been subject to threats including: intensive hunting, habitat destruction, illegal trade and abuse.  Located in a mountainous area north of the Jerash Archaeological Park, the sanctuary is near the town of Souf.  Currently, the reserve is hosting 34 animals from Syria, Iraq, and the Gaza Strip along with other confiscated animals in Jordan. You may see during your visit lions, tigers, bears, hyenas, wolves and monkeys.

The reserve offers a visitor’s entrance, a café with food & beverage services, children’s play area, hiking trails and unique views of the natural beauty of the area.  

Visitors in groups of 20 are able to visit the sanctuary led by an experienced guide who will take you on a walking tour of the grounds where you will be able to see the animals and hear their stories. 

The location of the reserve is equally important as its mission to rescue wildlife.  A large terrace with a beautiful view of the mountains greets you when you enter the visitor’s entrance. It offers a unique view to experience the special landscape of the heavily forested area Jerash. A hike is highly recommended so that you enjoy the natural beauty the area has to offer. 

Al-Mawa for Nature & Wildlife is dedicated to supporting the community by employing their staff from the areas around the reserve. 



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