Safsafeh District Trail — Dibbeen

Safsafah Trail winds through the greenest hills of Jerash offering unparallel and first-hand views of nature, agriculture, history and culture. It begins at a point on the Jordan Trail and continues with smaller villages dotting the way as you walk the 9km long waymarked trail which is moderate in difficulty. 

As you make your way along the trail, you might witness various wildlife including foxes, wild boar, birds, squirrels and bats.  You will pass Dibeen Forest offering a unique biodiversity of Aleppo Pine Trees, maple, wild pears, oaks, orchids, Black Iris and Anemone flowers. Make sure you take in your surroundings and not miss the hanging graves against the mountain side that date back to the Bronze Age 2500 B.C.  You can also see the remains of grape and olive presses along with stone walls and the remains of towers that are part of the Roman and Byzantine periods from the 2-6th Centuries A.D.

The Safsafah Trail also passes through many farms, vineyards and orchards all taken care of by local farmers whose families have lived on the land for generations. Olive, grape, almond, lemon and fig trees populate the area. You may find a local who will welcome you to his home to help pick the harvest and offer you a hot tea. In addition, you will also find food and camping stops where you can taste local dishes, purchase pantry items and sleep in a rest house after your hike.    

A highlight of this trail is the panorama view that offers a unique and special vantage for As Salt, Amman, Zarqa, Mafraq and Jerash. At 1050 m above sea level, this halfway point will offer you a view of 5 governates in Jordan and on a very clear day, you might even see Palestine. 


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