Um Mutaz Kitchen


About the Site

Um Mutaz, is a passionate woman who loves her kitchen. Working since 2012, her passion for creating local specialties comes through when she serves you and you taste her special dishes and recipes.  

As you visit her home, your first impression is the garden filled with olive, nut and fruit trees, herbs and vegetables.  The lush landscape invites you into her world while tempting your senses and appetite.

Learn how to make a Zaatar Blend, a local spice mix that includes dried Thyme, Sumac, Sesame and other spices that is eaten with freshly made bread and local olive oil.  How about Duqqa?  Duqqa is dried ground wheat that is mixed with sesame seeds, various spices and shatta, the local Jordanian chili sauce.  It is also dipped into olive oil and bread. Pickles and Maqdoos, another pantry item can also be taught by Um Mutaz.  

Your cooking lessons can continue with Um Mutaz and learn how to make local Country Breakfast or Iftar Baladi.  You will learn how to make bread using local wheat, boil tea on the campfire and prepare your breakfast after venturing into the garden to gather herbs and vegetables. 

Um Mutaz also sells her pantry items to locals and guests, and be assured you can take a piece of Um Mutaz when you return home.


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