Besan Bee Hives

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The road to Bisan Bee Hives is a scenic one, overlooking the Dibeen Forest as you make your way to the home of Ibtisam and her family. Ibtisam is passionate about bees – she has been bee keeping for 3 years and decided to open her home to visitors one year ago to share her passion.

An activity for all ages, this experience will bring you up close to the bee colony. You will see and experience a day in the life of an apiarist or a beekeeper. Dressed in protective clothing and gear, you will be able to see the hives, look at the health of the honeybees, and even help harvest some of the products they produce like honey, honeycomb and beeswax. You will learn about the importance of the bees in nature and why Beekeeping is important.

Your experience can also include a meal of breakfast or lunch. It is a perfect way to start your morning or end your afternoon after a few hours of beekeeping. Your “Baladi” or country style Jordanian breakfast or local specialty like Magloube, Mansaf, Kufta or Stuffed Grape Leaves will satisfy your hunger while giving you energy to continue your day as you discover Jerash. 

Ibtisam also offers soap making experiences using local olive oil and her freshly harvested honey. You will learn the art of soapmaking using the freshest ingredients sourced from Ibtisam’s land and other local sources.  This experience can also have a meal added to it. 

Love the honey?  Bisan Bee Hives also offer a retail space that sells honey, honey soap, beeswax and other pantry items.  In addition to Ibtisam’s production of these items, she also supports the community by having a group of women make items that are sold in the shop. 



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