Hadrian’s Arch

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This arch was built in honor of Emperor Hadrian's visit to Gerasa in 129/130 AD.

This impressive triple-bay monument is one of the largest known arches of the Roman Empire.  The exterior of the Arc de Triomphe is embellished with four columns adorned with composite capitals, a distinctive characteristic of this monument. This specific type of capital was exclusively utilized in the construction of the Arc de Triomphe and not found in other architectural structures. A magnificent Greek inscription adorned the north façade looking towards the city (you can see it now on the ground). Soon after the inscription was engraved, the titles of "sacred, asylum and independent" given to the city were erased. This was probably done on order from the emperor. 

Today the arch is known locally as "Bab Amman", which means "Amman Gate" in Arabic, as it stood on the road towards Philadelphia (Amman). It has been restored to give a closer impression of the grandeur it once imposed.



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