Oval Plaza


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The Oval Plaza for seminars or public gatherings, alternatively referred to as the Oval Plaza or Symposium Square, is surfaced with large, carefully cut stones. These stones were meticulously arranged to align with the square's distinctive oval shape. Additionally, the square is encircled by a colonnade adorned with Ionic-style columns.

Based on excavations at the juncture of the Oval Plaza and the Colonnaded Street, it is thought that the Oval Plaza was established prior to the Cardo. There is a likelihood that the section of the Colonnaded Street, extending from the square to the northern crossbow initially boasted Ionic-style columns, which were subsequently replaced with Corinthian-style columns. Throughout the Roman period, Jerash experienced successive phases of urban expansion and the refurbishment of certain buildings, occurring in approximately three stages.

At the center of the square lie the remnants of a pedestal, possibly intended for a statue. Currently, a column stands atop it, serving as the torchbearer for the opening of the Jerash Festival. The square's origins date back to the first century AD, and as the Roman era progressed, small houses were constructed on the grounds of Nadwa Square.



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