Southern Theatre


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Ca 90 AD-749 AD, ca 12th century

The South Theater is the largest and oldest of three ancient theaters in Jarash, the other two being the North Theater and Birketein Theater. This one is a typical Roman plan theater that was built between 80 and 96 AD and it is estimated that it could seat more than three thousand people. Several inscriptions found here indicate that the theater was financed by a number of generous benefactors, including a former legionnaire. Theaters were an important part of ancient Roman life, where cultural performances would be staged. The South Theater included an imposing and richly decorated stage with a backdrop, or scaenae frons, made up of at least two superimposed levels of Corinthian columns. Sections of it were still visible in the early 19th century.

Nowadays, it is still being used to host musical events at the annual Jarash Festival events.



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