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Ranger Camp, located in Thagrat Asfour with breathtaking views of Jerash and the surrounding mountains, offers a unique experience for all ages. Established in 2006 as a recreational and training facility, the camp has evolved to a one-of-a-kind locale in Jordan. An all-nature based escape, a variety of activities are available that can challenge you to try something new or unique accommodations that will allow you to retreat from the stresses of life. 

The camp offers fun, outdoor adventure options including high and low rope courses, a climbing tower, the big swing, zip lining for all ages, in addition to self-guided hikes and horseback riding.  Should you prefer something a bit quieter, self-defense, yoga and meditation are also offered in unique settings around the camp.

Ranger Camp offers eco-friendly wooden tree-house style cabins that overlook the Gilead Mountains.  The cabins feature rustic furniture, in-suite bathrooms, tv and fridge and were built with the goal of preserving the environment. Don’t be surprised if you find a tree in your cabin! The beautiful views as your drink your morning coffee will leave you feeling rejuvenated and recharged before you begin your day’s activities.  If camping is more your style, 2, 4 and 7 person tents are available that will ground you and offer spectacular views of the night star-filled sky. 

The camp offers outdoor cooking or restaurant dining experiences.  Both experiences feature local dishes and specialties for breakfast, lunch or dinner with locally sourced ingredients. You can also participate in the preparation of the meal and learn the tricks of local chefs.

Ranger Camp employs over 60 members from the local community to ensure that you have a wonderful personalized visit.


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